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We offer one solution for all of your data.

CloudPelican allows you to reduce operational costs and improve data-driven decision making
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    Easy to use

    Minimal configuration

    Setting up CloudPelican is easy and can be completed within minutes.
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    No hardware

    We take away the pain of hardware and scaling, so you can focus on your business.
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    Detailed & Real-time Reporting

    Powerful visualizations

    Visualize your data in real-time, create dashboards, schedule reports and receive alerts.

The basis of your infrastructure.

These days every company has one or multiple servers, virtual in the cloud, on premise, or both. On those servers run applications, websites and other software, which all generate data. It’s difficult to gain access to the data as it’s spread across your entire infrastructure and only a small amount of people have access to it.

CloudPelican solves all of these problems.

  • Global Insights

    Get instant access to all of your data. It's searchable in real-time and can be enriched with multiple external datasources.

  • Actionable

    CloudPelican solves day to day problems in a fraction of the time. It makes the unstructured machine data understandable to anyone.

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Bartosz Kuzmicki CTO/FlxOne

Bartosz Kuzmicki - CTO @ FlxOne
There's a perfect storm coming for enterprises pushed by constantly increasing amounts of machine generated data. At FlxOne CloudPelican allowed us to get insights within seconds that let us to take immediate action.
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